Old Time Blues Men’s Vintage Reproduction Compendium

I like vintage clothes, I have a modest collection of them, but often I opt to save the irreplaceable antiques for special occasions, and use more replaceable vintage styled modern garments for everyday wear.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find those esoteric styles, most of what you’ll find at your local department store conforms to the modern fashion trends of low-waisted slim-fit slave labor made rags.  In my never ending search for alternatives, I’ve compiled the following list of websites offering vintage styled clothing for men.  I’ve included everything I can find in this list, some are top-notch high quality goods, others may be less so—you’ll have to use your own discretion.  It isn’t my goal to build any of them up, nor to tear them down.  I can’t vouch for the quality of most these products, as I have only sampled a few thusfar.  By request, the locations of each are listed by their ISO two digit country codes, and can easily be searched using your browsers “find” feature (typically “Ctrl+F”).

If you happen to belong to the feminine persuasion, I’m afraid I can’t offer much help, except for the sources listed here that cater to both sexes (and there are a fair number of those), but I can tell you that reproduction vintage for women seems to be more prevalent than for men.  I’d recommend giving it a search on Google, someone else has probably made a list like this for ladies’ wear.

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A Look at Dickies 1922 Pants

1922 Dickies in action, after plenty of breaking in.

After plenty of breaking in.  Suntan colorway.

I had had my eye on these trousers for quite a long time, the Dickies 1922 cuffed pants, as a good pair of full cut pants is unfortunately very hard to come by these days, but the hefty price tag of a whopping one-hundred-ninety dollars repelled me.  I just couldn’t swing a price that high on a pair of khaki pants!  However, when they returned to my mind after my best pair of pants started to wear out, I checked back on their website to find that the cuffed style (my preference) had been lowered to ninety-nine dollars.  Why the regular hemmed style is still at the original price is beyond me, maybe the people just don’t want cuffs nowadays.  No matter the reason, that was a fair price, so I decided to get myself a pair.

These trousers are a part of Dickies’ special edition “1922 Collection“, much like what Levi’s is doing with their “Levi’s Vintage Clothing” series, or Ralph Lauren with RRL.  The name referring to the year that the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company was founded in Fort Worth, Texas.  In the 1922 series, Dickies offers garments replicated from vintage originals.  These pants are copied directly from a pair of 1933 work pants made by Dickies.

When I received the pants, I was blown away by the quality, and decided to scoop up another pair in the second colorway.  They are made of a durable cotton twill from Cramerton Mills, just like they used to use back in the ’30s, and are (or were) available in suntan, khaki, and rinsed khaki colorways, I passed on the rinsed one.  What great pants these are, made right here in Fort Worth, Texas.  They have the full rise and wide cut of vintage pants replicated to a T, complete with an authentically styled five button fly and brown vintage style buttons.  The tough cotton twill and heavy duty construction should afford many years of continuous wear.  I wear them all the time and they haven’t failed me yet.

A closeup of the period styled labeling.  Khaki colorway.

My sole complaint with these trousers is the lack of sizing options offered by Dickies, the shortest length they offer is 32 inches, which, as you can tell, is nearly too long for me, and, while I’m not particularly tall, I’m sure is they’re much too long for many people.  However, the length does shrink a little bit after washing, so take that into account ads well.  The stitching on the waist buttonhole is a bit rough, too, but these are work pants, not dress pants, so I can’t complain.

In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend the Dickies 1922 Cuffed Pants.  If you want a rugged and sturdy pair of wash-and-wear everyday pants just like the real cowboys used to wear, get yourself a pair of these!  At the time of writing this, Dickies seems to have discontinued the 1922 line (doggone ’em), and they only seem to have a few sizes left, so if you want a pair, you better hop to it!