Happy New Year 2017 From Old Time Blues


Old Time Blues wishes a happy 2017 to all!

As 2016 comes to its close, I extend my sincerest wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2017.  Old Time Blues’ resolution for the new year is to keep the hot jazz, lowdown blues, down home old time, and other esoteric tunes flowing like fine wine, and in even greater volume!  Unfortunately, I still don’t have a suitable Guy Lombardo record prepared for this occasion, so please enjoy last year’s celebratory disc.

Also, be sure to tune in to the world famous Radio Dismuke all through New Years’ Day for the rebroadcast of the annual New Years’ Eve Broadcast!  For the first time, I have the tremendous pleasure of joining those esteemed collectors with some of the best sides from the Old Time Blues collection to add to their already impressive playlist!

R. Connor Montgomery

One Year of Old Time Blues!


We can party like it's 1922!

What better time to party like it’s 1922!

Exactly one year ago today, on May 27, 2015, Old Time Blues first came online with our own take on WordPress’ built in “Hello World” post, featuring KWKH’s own W.K. Henderson. The reason for creating such a thing was to share my love for history, and my phonograph records, with anyone who might happen to be interested.  It seemed more worthwhile to spend all that money on records if I was going to share them with the world.

I contemplated for quite a while what sort of record (or something else) would be appropriate for such an occasion, but I couldn’t come up with anything, so here I am at the end of the day with nothing but words, and not even a whole lot of those (plus that one picture up there at the top).  Nevertheless, I cannot let such a moment pass by without some form of commemoration, so as Fats Waller would say, “here ’tis.”

Before bringing the site online, I spent a long time contemplating what to call the project.  Eventually, I came across a 1921 jazz composition by Johnny Dunn called “Old Time Blues”, played by Mamie Smith’s Jazz Hounds, and somehow the title fit, so I bought the record, which became the de facto theme song of the site.  I purchased the domain, and took care of the formalities on May 26, 2015, and in the wee hours of the next morning, Old Time Blues finally came to life.

In the coming year, expect to see more of the same, but I also have some other features planned, which I hope to increase to enough frequency to compete with the records in the foreseeable future.  These include more “Spotlight” features, which I have been neglecting recently, more reviews similar to my look at 1922 Dickies, and plenty more related to music, vintage clothing, and elder times in general, which I surely hope will be enjoyable.

More than anything else, I would like to take a moment on this anniversary to say thanks to all the fine people who take the time to look, read, listen to, and hopefully enjoy the stuff I post here.  It’s your interest that makes it worthwhile, and I sincerely thank you all for your patronage.

Regular programming shall resume imminently…

Be Sure You’re Right — Then Back Up

By R.D. McCulloch

During my Navy days, while cruising ashore with a pal, in the vicinity of the R. R. Depot, Bill was approached by a very agitated and apparently cuckoo citizen, who offered him an excellent looking watch for his cash balance, which happened to be about eight dollars, cash in a hurry, with a sob story of a sick mother and a train to catch.  Well, Bill fell for it and as that was the end of his finances, the stranger turned to me and offered me a bargain of a life-time, a diamond ring for $25.00.  I prided myself on my unerring judgement and it looked good, so, finding my cash balance on hand to be $22.40 and this being acceptable to the stranger, I became the possessor of a diamond ring that I had backed my judgement on being worth around $200.  The stranger hurriedly left and then Bill began to kid me about the stone, insinuating that I had been made a monkey of, or words to that effect.  The watch was plainly an Elgin, stamped 19 jewels, with a 25 year case, so evidently Bill knew that he got a bargain, but he was dubious about the ring.  To make sure, I decided to consult a jeweler and after that expert had looked at the stone through his monocle, and turned it over and around, Bill meanwhile grinning like a jack-ass eating cactus, he proceeded to offer me $165 for the stone on a larger one.  Bill stopped grinning.

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A Brief Introduction

Before I begin posting the content that I have prepared for this website, allow me to offer a brief introduction as to what Old Time Blues will be about, and some of the regular features that will be posted here.

First, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Connor Montgomery, I am an enthusiast of history, old phonograph records, and days of yore.  This website is my soapbox to share records, fascinating historical information, and anything else that crosses my mind.  The title, Old Time Blues, represents not the musical genre (though I’m indeed fond of it), but the feeling, a life-long yearning I have felt for times before my own.

For the most part, this site is dedicated to things of the past, primarily those of the 1920s and early 1930s, where my interests center.  The topic will frequently be music from that period, but other topics will surely be covered as well.

Besides uncategorical posts that I may post here and there, I have several regular features planned, those are:

  • Records: one record (at a time) selected from my collection, with label scans and audio files attached, and as much information as I can dig up about its history.
  • Spotlights: biographical posts about music personalities from my period of interest.

I hope all will enjoy the coming posts that will appear on Old Time Blues.  If you do like what you see, I would be delighted if you were to subscribe to see future posts, using the widget on the homepage.

As an addendum, it seems that some people have come here looking for an actual brief introduction to blues music.  I feel that I have unintentionally deceived you fine folks, so in hopes of helping you find what you’re looking for, I recommend checking out such fine resources as The Blues Trail, All About Blues Music, or the old standby, Wikipedia.