Death of Floyd Collins

Death of Floyd Collins

Words and music by Rev. Andrew Jenkins, 1925.

O’ come all you young people
And listen while I tell
The fate of Floyd Collins
A lad we all knew well

His face was fair and handsome
His heart was true and brave
His body now lies sleeping
In a lonely sandstone cave

How sad, how sad the story
It fills our eyes with tears
The mem’ry to linger
For many many years

A brokenhearted father
Who tried his boy to save
Will now weep tears of sorrow
At the door of Floyd’s Cave

Oh Mother don’t you worry
Dear Father don’t be sad
I’ll tell you all my story
In an awful dream I had

I dreamed I was a pris’ner
My life I could not save
I cried, “Oh must I perish
within this silent cave”

The rescue party labored
They worked both night and day
To move the mighty barrier
That stood within the way

“To rescue Floyd Collins”
This was their battle cry
We’ll never, no we’ll never
Let Floyd Collins die

But on that fatal morning
The sun rose in the sky
The workers still were busy
“We’ll save him by-and-by”

But oh how sad the ending
His life could not be saved
His body then was sleeping
In the lonely sandstone cave

Young people all take warning
From Floyd Collins fate
And get right with your maker
Before it is too late

It may not be a sand cave
In which we find our tomb
But at the bar of judgement
We too will meet our doom

Transcribed from Victor 19779, as sung by Vernon Dalhart, recorded September 9, 1925.

Hello World Song
(Set to the tune of “Death of Floyd Collins”)

Words and music by Rev. Andrew Jenkins, 1930.

Down in Shreveport, Lou’siana
There lives a famous man
From north to south, from east to west
He’s known throughout the land

If you’ll tune in on his station
Each night you’ll hear him say
“Hello old world, doggone ya
Now don’t you go away”

Down in the town of Shreveport
Out on the radio
He’s tellin’ all the people
Just what they ought to know

Now he’s a friend to the people
Henderson’s his name
Throughout the entire nation
He’s surely winnin’ fame

He’s handin’ out some heavy blows
He’s a-punchin’ right and left
There’s a lot of folks who’d like to change
To put him on the shelf

Each night he gives his warning
To his friends in ev’ry state
If you send your money to Wall Street
You’ll surely meet your fate

You independent merchants
You’re in an awful fix
Just join the good old MMM
Like the boys of ’76

Now wash your windows, paint your stores
And clean up around the place
And [?] [?] the chain stores
We’ll have them on the chase

Now let us write to congress
My good friends ev’rywhere
To the Radio Commission
Tell them to clear the air

Friend Henderson has a message
That ev’ryone should know
There’s no better way to tell the world
Than by old radio

Now let us give you warning
Don’t let us plead in vain
Don’t send your money to Wall Street
And bind yourselves in chain

So let us all be kind and true
And meet this issue straight
And trade with the hometown merchants
Before it is too late

Transcribed from Hello World Dog Gone 001, as sung by Blind Andy (Jenkins) recorded March 5, 1930.