All-Go-Hungry Hash House

The All-Go-Hungry Hash House

Traditional, originated 1890s or earlier.

‘Allo folks, I’m in New York and from the country,
But you can’t tell me roasting ears ain’t corn.

There’s a hotel in city
As we climb the golden stairs,
And they serve that hash upon the second floor.

There’s a graveyard in the cellar,
Doctor’s office in the parlor,
And the undertaker keeps his shop next door.

“Touch-me-not” was on the teacups,
Skeleton-crossbones on the plate.
“Copyrighted” on the turkey you could spell.

Oh, the biscuits, they are named,
And I’m going to have them framed
At that all-go-hungry hash house where I dwell.

Oh the doughnuts, they are wooden,
And we have Limburger puddin’.
We meet in prayer before we go to grub.

If you chance to get a breeze
Of that “ambelonious”¹ cheese
You’d have swore somebody’d hit you with a club.

That hotel where I stay,
It is turning my hair gray,
For the landlord is always full of beer.

Oh, the beds, the bugs have rented
And the air was sweetly scented
By an old-fashioned tan-yard in the rear.

Oh, the sausage, they are marked,
If you touch them, they will bark.
It’s a relic sent from Bingen-on-the-Rhine.

All the boarders have their croup
Caused from drinking frozen soup,
At that all-go-hungry hash house where I dine.

They have India rubber pickles,
Exercises on bicycles,
And her dinner bell and gong they can’t afford.

When they open up the gate,
We’ll come skippin’ on roller skates,
At that all-go-hungry hash house where I board.

There’s a woman called the Duchess
Brings the coffee in on crutches.
And the cake looks like a sponge that petrified.

Oh, the pies are old and gray,
They were tackled by a jay
Who went right out and committed suicide.

Oh, the molasses made of paint,
If you smell them you will faint,
They are yeller and dished up in a gourd.

Oh, the eggs are made to match,
If you touch them they will hatch
At that all-go-hungry hash house where I board.

Transcribed from Vocalion 15076, as sung by Uncle Dave Macon, recorded April 14, 1925.

¹ While Uncle Dave and others sing the nonsensical “ambelonious”, the original lyric is “ham, bologna, and cheese.”