My Red-Haired Lady

My Red-Haired Lady

Words and music by W. Ernest Rogers.

I don’t give a hoot for your dizzy blondes,
Or your dainty and charming brunettes.
I got a red-haired lady
That is surely the whale’s oysterettes.

She’s good in a crowd, I want her alone.
She just seems to call me with that “come here” tone.
She’s sure that wildcat’s wow,
And I’m singing to her now.

Oh, my red-haired lady, her past a trifle shady,
But I don’t anymore care.
There’s somethin’ about her that I can’t explain,
But ev’rything she does, I hope she’ll do it again.

Her clothes just fit her like a tailor made glove.
When she whispers to me that just fills me with love.
Well, she’s red-headed, I’m red-headed too,
And when we are together, oh the things we do!

My red-haired lady, she’s some pretty baby.
That don’t rhyme, but that’s what I mean.

Had a little mama and her hair was yella;
She threw me down for a good lookin’ fella.
Then I had a cutie, with hair of brown;
I was “daddy” till a movie actor came to town.

My next gal had hair of black;
She made my poor heart ball the jack.
But when I got my little red-head,
Oh brother let me tell you that she knocked me dead.

Well she ain’t mean, well she ain’t rough,
She’s just a hometown girl who knows her stuff.
My red-haired lady, she’s some pretty baby.
That don’t rhyme, but oh boy that’s what I mean.

Collected from Victor 20870, as sung by Ernest Rogers, recorded May 23, 1927.