Sunset 1136 – Carlyle Stevenson’s El Patio Orchestra – 1925

Today, I offer for your listening pleasure the sounds of mid-1920s, as played by this regional dance band from Los Angeles, California.  The somewhat seldom seen Sunset label was made in California in the mid-1920s, as early as 1923 to about 1926, and features an attractive illustration of the Western landscape.  Among other interesting content, such as the record featured here, Sunset recorded a young Morey Amsterdam in pair of songs with ukulele.

Sunset 1136 was recorded in July of 1925 by Carlyle Stevenson’s El Patio Orchestra in Los Angeles, California.  The Red Hot Jazz Archive lists the personnel as Ralph Marky and Leslie Moe on trumpets, Doc Garrison and Harley Luse on trombones, Leslie Lyman and Harry Vaile on clarinet, alto sax, and tenor sax, leader Carlyle Stevenson on alto sax, Bob Sawyer on piano (who later went on to lead an outstanding jazz band), Carol McManus on banjo, Oscar Martin on brass bass, and Buddy Johnson on drums.  According to that listing, the vocalist would be either Carl Edwards or Walter Dupre.  However, I can’t guarantee that any or all of those musicians played on these recordings.  Leader Carlyle Stevenson recorded previously with Jan Garber’s orchestra.

First up, the band plays a fine version of the big hit of 1925, “Sleepy Time Gal”.

Sleepy Time Gal

Sleepy Time Gal, recorded July 1925 by Carlyle Stevenson’s El Patio Orchestra.

Next, keeping in a similar theme, they play “Lonesomest Gal in Town”.

Lonesomest Gal in Town

Lonesomest Gal in Town, recorded July 1925 by Carlyle Stevenson’s El Patio Orchestra.

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