Swing SW.164 – Charles Hary et son Orchestre – 1942

Today, I offer you something a little different than the usual fare; delving into the 1940s with this World War II era swing record from France.  Interestingly, this disc turned up in a little junk shop in Austin, Texas.  Likely, it was brought home from Europe by a returning serviceman.  One way or the other, these Swing label records don’t turn up all too often around these parts.

Bandleader Charles Hary was a French jazz saxophonist, and had the distinction of playing with both Django Reinhardt and his brother Joseph Reinhardt.  I’d love to be able say more about Hary and the record in general, but unfortunately, I don’t know anything about it, and I can’t seem to dig up much, so I’ll just let you all enjoy the music.

Swing SW.164 was recorded July 3, 1942, presumably in Paris, France.  The personnel includes Aimé Barelli, Alex Caturegli, and Alphonse Marlier on trumpet, Maurice Gladieu and Pierre Rémy on trombone, Charles Hary, Charles T. “Coco” Kiehn, Hubert Rostaing, Marcel Coestier, and Max Blanc on saxophones (one of them doubling on clarinet), René Cloerec on piano, Lucien Gallopain on guitar, Lucien Simoens on string bass, and Armand Molinetti on drums.

The first number is a swingy little thingy titled “Allégresse”, which I believe translates to “Glee”.


Allégresse, recorded July 3, 1942 by Charles Hary et son Orchestre.

The flip, “Liliane”, is played a little hotter than the first, with some fine saxophone (that reminds me a little of Charlie Barnet’s playing.)


Liliane, recorded July 3, 1942 by Charles Hary et son Orchestre.