Blue Yodel No. 8

Blue Yodel No. 8 (Mule Skinner Blues)

Words and music by Jimmie Rodgers, 1930.

Good mornin’, captain!  Good mornin’, shine!
Do you need another mule skinner out on your new mud line?

Yodel-ay-ee-he yodel-ay-ee-he-e-hee

I like to work, I’m rollin’ all the time;
I can pop my ‘nitials on a mule’s behind!

Yodel-ay-ee-he yodel-ay-ee-he a-lay-ee a-lay-ee odelayhee

Hey, little water boy, bring that water ’round!
If you don’t like your job, set that water bucket down!

Yodel-ay-he-deyoodela-hee yodel-eedel-odel-ayhee-deyoodela-hee
Yodel-ay-ee-he lay-ee-he de-yodel-ayhee-hee-hee-a-hee

Workin’ on the good roads, dollar and a half a day-ay.
My good gal’s waitin’ on Saturday night just to draw my pay.

I’m goin’ to town honey, what you want me to bring you back?
Bring a pint o’ booze, and a John B. Stetson hat!

Bring it to me, honey!

Yodel-ay-ee-he-hee yodel-eedel-odel-ayhee-deyoodela-hee
Yodel-ay-ee-he deyodel-ay-ee-he a-lay-ee-he-he-a-hee

I smell your bread a-burnin’, turn your damper down!
If you ain’t got a damper, good gal, turn your bread around!

Yodel-ay-he-deyodel-ay-hee deyodel-ay-he-he-ay-hee

Collected from Victor 23503, as sung by Jimmie Rodgers, recorded July 11, 1930.