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QRS Records

QRS (either an acronym or a "backronym" for "Quality Reigns Supreme") was a manufacturer of piano rolls, founded in 1900. There were several different record labels associated with the piano roll company, none of which seem to have been particularly commercially successful, as all are quite scarce today. The first line of QRS Records, in 1919, apparently drew from Emerson, and matched their nine inch format of the time, I have never seen one of this type personally, and I cannot confirm their existence. The second label, in the early to mid-1920s, drew straight from Starr Piano masters, issuing discs identical to Gennett issues in every way but label (much like the Connorized label of the same period). Examples of these two varieties are not presently available for display here.

The third QRS label is the one of the most interest to collectors, generally speaking. It issued only race and rural records in two series, R-7000s for race and R-9000s for rural. These were made in connection with Gennett and Paramount and were recorded in Long Island City, New York. Many issues also appeared on Paramount. The fourth and final label was produced by the Cova Record Company beginning early in 1930. They are of inferior quality, and resemble in appearance a mid-1920s pressing by the Plaza Music Company, which had recently been absorbed into the American Record Corporation at the time production of the final QRS label began.

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