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Gennett Records

Gennett records were produced by the Starr Piano Company of Richmond, Indiana, beginning with vertically cut records in 1917. Gennett began producing laterally cut records in 1919. Throughout their history, Gennett had the distinction of recording some of the foremost jazz personalities of the day, including King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, and Bix Beiderbecke, as well as many great territory bands that would not have been heard otherwise. After some crude electric records produced by Marsh Labs in 1925, Gennett began their "Electrobeam" line of electrically recorded records in 1927.

Gennett was badly affected by the Great Depression in 1930 and their production dwindled during this time, but the company continued to exist for quite a few more years. During World War II, Gennett sold shellac to other record comapnies when the material was rationed. The Gennett label was briefly revivied by Joe Davis in the early 1940s.

Other Labels Produced by Gennett

Gennett produced and pressed a multitude of different labels, perhaps the most notable being Champion. They also produced Silvertone, Supertone, and Challenge records at diferrent times in the companies' histories.

Special Pressings by Gennett

Gennett produced many custom pressings for individuals and businesses, perhaps more than any other record label, judgung by their prevalence today. They also produced sound effects records in the 1930s.


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