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Grey Gull

Grey Gull Records was founded in 1919 by Theodore Lyman Shaw. The company initially offered high quality vertically cut records, but they were soon replaced by a line of equally high priced lateral cut records that eventually became the low priced, low quality type of record that Grey Gull became known for. Grey Gull recordings often employed a studio band to play popular dance tunes, and often used various pseudonyms for the studio band and others, such as the "Frisco Players", as seen on the Madison label shown here.

Grey Gull produced a number of different labels throughout their run, many of which are not shown here. Grey Gull labels used many different styles of labels throughout their runs, most of which are not shown here.

Radiex Records

Radiex was one of Grey Gull's more significant, and apparently more popular, sub-labels. The somewhat unusual name might have been inspired by the rising format of radio.

Other Grey Gull Labels


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