The 78 Record Labels Appendix

Some of my labels can be seen in the label gallery at the 78 RPM Home Page!

To view the label pages, click on the logos below.

These galleries only cover record labels in my own collection, and as such, will be incomplete. There may be variations of labels listed here that are not shown. Though I try to select clean examples, some labels presented here may have stickers, writing, or other blemishes. Subsidiary labels (e.g. Bluebird, Velvet Tone) of large record companies (e.g. Victor, Columbia) are listed in the categories of their makers. If you're interested in what you see here, check back from time to time, as this list will always be updated.

The records shown on these pages are for educational and informational purposes only, and none are available for sale.

NOTE: These pages are very image heavy, using high-resolution images, and may be slow to load on some internet connections.

LATEST UPDATE: 3/14/16: QRS, Flexo galleries added. More sleeves added to ARC, Columbia, Grey Gull galleries.




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