An Epitaph for the Arlington Steak House


It will be missed.

One week from tonight, a historic local (to me) establishment will be shutting down forever, and I will truly hate to see it go.  With my love for history, and the existence of this website, I felt the need to deliver a brief eulogy of sorts in its honor.

On January 31, 2016, the Arlington Steak House in Arlington, Texas will finally kick the bucket, closing its doors for the last time, only to reopen soon after as the newest location of Jambo’s BBQ Shack, thus ending its reign as Arlington, Texas’ longest continuously operating dining establishment.  On the plus side, the historic building will remain in use, and indefinitely saved from destruction, a fate that has befallen so many other historic structures, but the original establishment, which had made it through all these eighty-five years will be gone forever.

The Arlington Steak House opened all the way back in 1931 as the Triangle Inn, offering hot food to patrons of the Top o’ Hill Terrace, a nearby “tea room” and illegal gambling establishment that operated during Prohibition years.  As the Arlington Steak House, they were famous for their chicken fried steak and rolls.  For decades, they offered good old fashioned hometown cuisine, and established themselves as a local institution.

Running the risk of sounding like W.K. Henderson of KWKH in his diatribes against the evils of chain stores, I must say that it really is a crying shame to see authentic and longstanding local establishments like this one go, only to be replaced by chains and commercialized dreck, as common as it may be these days, and it hurts a little more every time we lose one.  It brings us farther and farther away from hometown roots and contributes more and more to the ever continuing decline in quality.

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